Research and development

The basis of our team’s work is the implementation of services according to the individual requirements of our customers from various industries. Many customers require us to work with sensitive materials, specific technologies, and also be able to flexibly combine different approaches in order to meet their needs.

In order to have the most successful result for the entire job, it is necessary before the processing itself to perform a qualification cleaning, which is done by a Pure Bohemia technologist on the provided sample parts according to the information provided by the customer. After the qualification cleaning is completed, the tested parts are sent back for testing and inspection by the customer. In the event of successfully performed tests, our R&D team will compile a technological procedure customized for each customer.

As part of our research and development activities, we cooperate with a professional platform of secondary schools and universities in the Czech Republic. We offer opportunities to promising students in the chemical field to gain practical knowledge and experience directly in the operation of our company.